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Mass Effect 2 Complete Repack Plus Save Editor and Trainer

Kalau kemarin Bismarck VanRiser posting tentang Game Mass Effect 1 dan kali ini  BismarckVanRiser akan posting Mass Effect 2 yang sudah dites Working sehingga Anda tak perlu kuatir untuk download sebelum link Mediafire ini terhapus. Seperti biasa BVR selalu meyediakan "Penolong" agar Anda lebih mudah memainkan Game ini sampai Tamat. Bukan hanya Clean and Working Trainer ada juga Save Editor namun Anda jangan terlalu berlebihan memakai cheat pada char Anda seperti Dewa karena tidak akan asyik lagi kalau sudah terlalu mudah memainkannya. Baiklah silahkan cicipi saja langsung ke TKP..

Mass Effect 2 is the sequel to BioWare™s hit space-based role-playing game (RPG), Mass Effect. A single player adventure, Mass Effect 2 allows players to continue the adventures of the fully customizable series hero Commander Shepard, as you take on a whole new adventure and a new cast of supporting characters. Additional new features include the ability to import game save files from the original Mass Effect game to continue the adventure in an unbroken fashion, a new damage system, a new, more flexible dialogue game mechanic and more.

Two  years  after  Commander  Shepard  repelled  invading Reapers bent on the destruction  of  organic  life,  a  mysterious  new enemy has emerged. On the fringes  of  known  space,  something  is  silently  abducting  entire  human colonies.  Now  Shepard  must  work  with  Cerberus,  a ruthless organization devoted  to  human  survival  at any cost, to stop the most terrifying threat mankind has ever faced. To  even  attempt  this  perilous mission, Shepard must assemble the  galaxys most  elite  team  and  command the most powerful ship ever built. Even then, they  say it would be suicide. Commander Shepard intends to prove them wrong.

=> The second chapter in the Mass Effect trilogy takes you to the darkest reaches of space, where you must uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of humans across many worlds.
=> Prepare yourself for a suicide mission to save mankind.
=> Travel the galaxy to assemble a team of soldiers and combat specialists, and launch an all-out assault on the heart of enemy territory.

Minimum System Requirements:
* OS: Windows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP1 / Windows 7 *
* CPU: 1.8GHz Intel Core 2 Duo or equivalent AMD CPU *
* RAM: 1 GB RAM for XP / 2 GB RAM for Win7/Vista *
* HDD: 10 GB free disk space *
* Graphics: 256 MB (with Pixel Shader 3.0 support) *
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or greater; ATI Radeon X1600 Pro or greater
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible *
* DirectX: Version 9.0c *

Recommended System Requirements:
* CPU: 2.6+ GHz Cure 2 Duo Intel or equivalent AMD *
* RAM: 2 GB *
* Graphics: 256 MB (with Pixel Shader 3.0 support) *
ATI Radeon HD 2900 XT, NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT or better

What's Repacked by Black_Box:
* It is based on the license – EA *
* Audio quality is 100% *
* Video quality is 100% *
* Cut all languages except English (voice and interface is English) *
* Include ALL DLC *
* Enclosing a tablet from SKIDROW *
* Requires at least 1 GB of RAM for installation *
* Requires at least 10 GB of free space on HDD *

Link Download (7 Parts 6.4 GB):
Save Editor by Gibbed (311 KB):

Clean Trainer for v1.0 by KelSat (65 KB):

Alternative Trainer for v1.0 by Inferno (6 KB):

Clean Trainer for v1.02 by dR.oLLe (205 KB):

Patch v1.02 no DVD by Vitality (5.53 MB):
NOTE: Before overwrite file "MassEffect2.exe" in folder "X:\Your Folder\Mass Effect 2\Binaries", Please Backup that file first.

Install Notes by BVR:
1. Extract file ""
2. Extract file "" again
3. Run file "MEffect_2.exe" and install it to Folder "X:\Games" or "X:\Program Files"
4. Play the Game. If Game not Run, please install NVIDIA PHYSX, you can download latest version in here

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