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Darksiders 2 Repack Plus DLC Upate-1 Clean Trainer FilesBB PutLocker

Darksiders 2 merupakan sekuel dari Darksiders pertama tapi beda Character Player. Kalau Darksiders 1 Main Char-nya adalah War, Darksiders 2 Main Char-nya adalah Death yang masih Saudara dari War. Jadi bagi Darksiders mania segera dapatkan Game ini segera dan sudah ada Clean Trainer-nya pula. Repack by Black Box ini versi Lossless tidak ada yang dihilangkan dan sudah termasuk DLC jadi hampir sama dengan Limited Edition.
UPDATE: Clean Trainer Plus 23 Fixed link Mediafire

Publisher: THQ
Developer: Vigil Games
Genre: Action Adventure
Release Date: 14-08-2012

Darksiders 2 starts at nearly the same time as the start of the first Darksiders. After War is convicted and sent back to Earth by the Charred Council, they inform the other three Horseman of his fate. The Horseman Death, knowing that his brother War is the most honorable and incorruptible of the four and would never have started the Apocalypse early, flies into a rage. Holding true to his belief that his brother has become a victim of a conspiracy, Death defies the Council's orders and sets out on a personal mission to find proof of his brother's innocence. Death travels to the Nether Realms, a place between Heaven and Hell, to call in favors from powerful beings that rule the realm. Death soon thinks the only way he can prove his brother's innocence is to resurrect the human race.

=> Play Death: Become the most feared of the legendary Four Horsemen, able to destroy entire worlds and battle forces beyond Heaven and Hell.
=> Epic Universe: Unlike anything the player has seen before, delivered in the unique style of Joe Mad.
=> Player Choice & Customization: Customize your experience with varied armor sets, weapons, and Skill Trees allowing players to create their own Death.
=> Replay-ability: Explore a vast open world, complete dozens of side quests and customize your Death with a full leveling system, Skill Trees and endless equipment combinations.
=> Traversal: Death is a nimble and agile character capable of incredible acrobatic feats allowing the player to explore the world like never before.

Minimum System Requirements:
OS: Windows XP, Windows Vista SP1 or Windows 7
Processor: 2.0Ghz Intel® Core™2 Duo Processor or AMD equivalent
RAM/ Memory: 2GB
Hard Drive: 6 GB space free (10 GB free after install)
Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 512 MB Video Card or AMD equivalent

Recommended System Requirements:
Processor: Any Quad-core AMD or Intel Processor
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 260 512MB Video Card or AMD equivalent

What's Repack by Black_Box:
Language: English
Video, Audio, Texture: Lossless (Nothing Ripped or Remove)
DLC included

Link Download (5 Parts 4.11 GB):
Link Download Clean Trainer v1.0-Up1+23Fix (543 KB):
Pass RAR: BismarckVanRiser

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