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Update AC Revelations v1.01 only 30 MB Plus 100% Working Mediafire

Game Assassins Creed Revelations telah diupdate Ubisoft menjadi versi 1.01 dan SKIDROW telah membuat Crack-nya namun File Size Download-nya Lumayan Besar (788 MB). Namun Black_Box telah membuat Repack Update 1.01 dengan File Size yang jauh lebih kecil (30 MB). Bismarck VanRiser mencoba Update 1.01 versi Black_Box pada game Assassins Creed Revelations Multi3 Repack dan Hasilnya 100% Working Tested by BVR. Namun di Forum Luar banyak yang Not Working: Could Not Retrieve Version Bumber. Installation aborted. Tapi BismarckVanRiser coba Fine-Fine saja tuh padahal BVR punya 3 Game Assassins Creed II, Brotherhood dan Revelations Terinstall di Laptop. Anda tidak bisa memainkannya Ketiga Games tersebut secara Bersamaan karena Ubisoft Game Launcher hanya bisa Terinstall One-for-One Game sehingga Anda harus Uninstall Ubisoft Game Launcher, katakanlah Anda ingin memainkan Revelations maka bila Game Launcher Anda adalah Brotherhood maka Anda harus Uninstall Ubisoft Game Launcher Brotherhood terlebih dahulu lalu Install Ubisoft Game Launcher Revelations. Ingat, Bukan Game-nya yang Anda Uninstall tetapi Ubisoft Game Launcher-nya.
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Update Link Download (29.96 MB):
NOTE: Before download, Please take your time to see XP3BVR Promo.
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How to Make 100% Working Update 1.01 Tips and Tricks Made by BVR:
1. Backup your SaveGame First at Your Document C:\ (it's Important!! Do not Blame me if you Lose your SaveGame Data because I've warned you)
2. Unisntall Ubisoft Game Launcher whatever the version you have installed
3. Delete orbit Folder from Game Dir X:\.....\Assassin's Creed Revelations\orbit
4. Now Extract "ACR v1.01 Update-BLACK.BOX.rar"
5. Overwriting all files Form Extracting Files to Game Dir X:\.....\Assassin's Creed Revelations
6. Run setup.bat and Wait until the Process is Finish
7. Play the Game by Run ACRSP.exe
8. Username is SKIDROW (should not be changed)
9. Password type in whatever you want but can't be too short and Check/Mark the "Remember me"
10. Done. Just Hit the Play button!

NOTE: If you install the game on the directory instead of the existing windows installed, for example in D: \ Games, and you re-install your windows, you do not need to reinstall the game. You simply run the file 1.01.reg and GameReg.reg then ACRSP.exe, the game will run like normal again. Tested 100% working on my laptop when I installed New Windows XP3 modification by BVR-BismarckVanRiser (will be posted soon).

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