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Mass Effect 3 BlackBox Repack with DLC Plus Trainer Mediafire

Postingan ini akan melengkapi Mass Effect Series..Yap inilah Game Mass Effect 3 terbaru dengan Grafik yang sangat halus, bagi yang ingin melengkapi koleksi game Mass Effect Series tak perlu tunda lagi karena Bismarck VanRiser telah mencoba Game ini Working 100%. Anda kesulitan tamatkan game ini, jangan kuatir karena BismarckVanRiser juga menyediakan 2 Clean Trainer yang pasti tidak akan merusak PC Anda.

Developer: BioWare | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Platform: PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Engine: Unreal Engine 3 | Genre: Action role-playing | Mode: Single-player, co-op multiplayer
Release date: March 6, 2012

In Mass Effect 3, an ancient alien race known only as Reapers, has launched an all-out invasion of the galaxy, leaving nothing but a trail of destruction in their wake. Earth has been taken, the galaxy is on the verge of total annihilation, and you are the only one who can stop them. The price of failure is extinction. You, as Commander Shepard, must lead the counter assault to take it back. Only you can determine how events will play out, which planets you will save from annihilation and which alliances you will form or abandon as you rally the forces of the galaxy to eliminate the Reaper threat once and for all.

=> Players with saved files from Mass Effect and Mass Effect 2 will be given the option of importing them into Mass Effect 3 and that will help shape how the final chapter.
=> Mass Effect 3 will have three pre-set campaign modes: Action Mode, Story Mode, and RPG Mode.
=> To level up characters, players will have skills that start along a single path.
=> Players will also be able to customize their weapons with different scopes, mods, barrels and ammo types.
=> To select dialog options, players can use Kinect to speak their choices instead of selecting them with a controller.
=> The series’ cover system has been improved so players no longer need to slide into cover and then hop over objects.
=> Enemies no longer act as individuals as they did in the previous games, instead fighting and supporting each other in units.

Minimum System Requirements:
* OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7 *
* CPU: 1.8 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (equivalent AMD CPU) *
* RAM: 1GB for XP / 2GB RAM for Vista/Win 7 *
* HDD: 12 GB free disk space *
* Graphics: 256 MB NVIDIA 7900 or ATI X1800 or better  *
* Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible *
* DirectX: Version 9.0c *

Recommended System Requirements:
* CPU: 2.4 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo (equivalent AMD CPU) *
* RAM: 2GB for XP / 4GB RAM for Vista/Win 7 *
* Graphics: 512 MB  AMD Radeon HD 4850 or NVidia GeForce 9800 GT *
Note: Please note that NVIDIA GeForce 9300, 8500, 8400, and 8300 are below minimum system requirements, as are AMD/ATI Radeon HD3200, HD3300, and HD4350. Updates to your video and sound card drivers may be required

What's Repack by Black_Box:
Ripped: Other Languages
Video: recoded to lower bit rate
Language: English
Size: 3.77 GB

Link Download (22 Parts 4.25 GB):
Movie Fix by Lyxer:

'From Ashes' DLC Plus Fix (4 Parts 625 MB):

Clean and Working Trainer +9 (574 KB):
Clean and Working Trainer +10 dRoLLe (245 KB): 
All Trainer RAR Pass: BismarckVanRiser

Install Notes by BVR:
1. Open "Windows Explorer" go to Menu "Tools"=>"Folder Options"=>Tab "View"=>UnCheck "Hide extensions for known file types"
2. Extract file ""
3. Extract "Mass Effect 3.iso" NOTE: do not burn or mount with Virtual CD/DVD Software because you will get "isdone.dll Error" Message if you do that, so you Must extract ISO Files with WinRAR or 7-Zip
4. Install the Game and Choose to the Folder what you want
5. Install DirectX Latest Version, Runtimes VC++ 2010, and NVIDIA PHYSX
6. Copy file "vid_fix.exe" into Folder "X:\Your ME3 Folder\BIOGame\Movies\" and Run it. When finish, delete file with extension ".bak"
7. Play the Games
8. If you like this Games, please Buy it from Software Developer

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