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Silverfall Earth Awakening v1.50 Full Rip Plus Trainer Mediafire

Game RPG Hack-n-Slash yang miripi dengan Diablo dan Torchlight ini boleh diacungi jempol untuk Char Skill-nya. Bismarck VanRiser telah memainkan game ini sesaat dan menggunakan Char kesukaan BVR (Elemental Mage) dan ketika BismarckVanRiser mencoba Skill FireRain-nya, wow benar-benar 1 layar gumpalan api turun dari langit. Dan untuk Trainer-nya Bismarck VanRiser telah ketemu Trainer yang 100% Clean and Working dari CheatHappens. Banyak yang komplain dengan Trainer dari CH tersebut Not Working in version 1.50 tapi buktinya BismarckVanRiser bisa mengakalinya supaya Working 100% Tested. Berikut adalah ScreenShot yang BVR buat dari Laptop...
Mau lihat Hujan Api yang diturunkan BVR, lihat ke bawah saja...
Hack-n-slash RPG, promises to surprise the players great graphics, dynamic gameplay with a number of unique features and advanced physics engine. The set of monsters, weapons and bosses indispensable included. Ukrainian playing game Silverfall, the main advantages of which were excellent graphics and graphics great. Addon for which there is not even a name, will offer players the upgraded graphics engine, two new races, more than fifty new copies of armor, four dozen types of weapons, 20 maps, and optimized multiplayer.

=> 2 new race: Gnomes and Lyudoyaschery (in addition to the old: the trolls, goblins, elves and humans)
=> The new main quest and 50 side, scattered throughout the game world
=> Updated the Bestiary: 18 new creatures and 9 bosses
=> More than 150 skills and magic spells
=> New weapons: 42 new items, including a flamethrower!
=> Ability to make new weapons, armor and spells
=> 16 new territories: the jungle, an underwater cave, a city in the clouds, etc
=> Ability to make a unique appearance of the hero: select gender, skin color, hair, etc
=> Updated user interface
=> Ability to import a character from the original game Silverfall!

System Requirements:
* OS: Windows® XP/Vista *
* Processor: 2 GHz *
* Memory: 512 MB RAM *
* Graphics: 3D, 128 MB, Direct X® 9.0c compatible *
* DirectX Version: 9.0c *
* Sound: Direct X® 9 compatible *
* Hard Drive: 4 GB free hard drive space *

New Link Download (7 Parts 1.18 GB):

Clean Trainer +6 from CH (1 MB):
NOTE: Trainer +14 from CH detected as Trojan by Vipre so do not download and use it.

No DVD Fixed English Patch (5.84 MB):

Install Notes by BVR:
1. Extract file "MyEgy.cOm.SEAwakening.DooSHA.part1.rar"
2. Run file "Setup.exe"
3. Wait until Installation Process is Finish (will be 3.83 GB)
4. Extract file "SilverfallEarthAwakeningv1.0NoDVDFixedexeEng.rar"
5. Copy and Overwrite file "Silverfall.exe" to Silverfall Earth Awakening Folder
6. Extract and Run Trainer (see how to use the Trainer)
7. Enjoy!

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