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L.A.Noire The Complete Edition v1.1.2406.1 Plus Trainer Mediafire

Bagi Penggemar Game GTA Series tentu tidak akan ketinggalan tentang Game yang satu ini. L.A.Noire memang identik dengan GTA Series dan Grafiknya pun tidak kalah dengan GTA 4. Bismarck VanRiser menyediakan Link Mediafire untuk Game L.A.Noire namun BVR belum mencobanya karena Size Download dari Game L.A.Noire dapat mencapai 14 GB dan itu belum termasuk Update v1.1.2406 dari THETA sebesar 1.58 GB, wow bagaimana ada berminat download? Kalau berminat BVR telah menyediakan 2 Link Mediafire dengan Size dan Files yang sama, jadi jika Link yang satu dihapus masih ada Backup-nya. Tak lupa pula BismackVanRiser selalu menyediakan Clean Trainer untuk Game L.A.Noire. Mari kita lihat Deskripsi dan system requirement-nya, pastikan Spek PC Anda support for the game.
Set amid the violence and corruption of post-World War II Los Angeles, L.A. Noire is a crime thriller that seamlessly blends crime-solving, clue-finding, car chases and shoot-outs with revolutionary new interrogation-based gameplay that will allow players to read characters' emotions in order to reveal the truth. Players will take on the role of Cole Phelps, a decorated war veteran, who rises through the ranks of the LAPD by solving a series of gruesome murders and other crimes that bring him face-to-face with the dark heart of Los Angeles during Hollywood's Golden Age.

L.A. Noire: The Complete Edition includes a multi-use code allowing access to the Nicholson Electroplating Arson case, the Reefer Madness Vice case, the Consul's Car Traffic case, The N*ked City Vice case, and the A Slip ofthe Tounge Traffic case.

Publisher: Rockstar Games
Developer: Rockstar Leeds
Release Date: 8 November 2011
Genre: Open world, Third Person Shooter, Action Adventure
Platforms: PS 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Mac

=> L.A. Noire is set in Los Angeles in 1947 and challenges the player, controlling a Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD) detective, to solve a range of cases across five crime desks
=> Players must investigate crime scenes for clues, follow up leads, and interrogate suspects, and the players’ success at these activities will impact how much of the cases’ stories are revealed.
=> The game blends investigative elements such as mystery and crime solving, with fast-paced action sequences, including on-foot and car chases, hand-to-hand combat, interrogations and gunfights

Minimum System Requirements:
* OS: Windows XP SP3, Vista or Windows 7 *
* CPU: Intel Dual Core 2.2 GHz / AMD Dual Core 2.4 GHz *
* RAM: 2 GB *
* HDD: 16 GB free disk space *
* Graphics: 512 MB Graphics Memory *
* Sound Card: DirectX 9 Compatible *
* DirectX: Version 9 *

Recommended System Requirements:
* CPU: Intel Quad Core 3.2 GHz / AMD Quad Core 3.2 GHz *
* RAM: 8 GB *
* Graphics: 1 GB Graphics Memory *

Supported Graphics Cards:
Minimum – GeForce 8600 / Radeon HD 3000 Series
Recommended – GeForce GTX 580 / Radeon HD 6850

Link Download SKIDROW (70 Parts 13.37 GB):
Password: getall4free.com

Install Notes:
1. install the game by mounting the 2 isos
2. change the folder name of the game to xp C:Program FilesRockstarGamesL.A.Noire for windows7 its the same just rename it the same way
3. put the Patch_2382_02393_1.exe included in the crack file into the L.A.Noire folder
4. install the patch Patch_2382_02393_1.exe
5. start up LANLauncher.exe and navigate into options and change the desired settings
6. disconnect internet or block LANoire.exe with your firewall
7. launch LANoire.exe
8. create a new profile for Social Club (any name will do)
9. enjoy the game

Read It As Well:
1. Rename directories to “RockstarGames” and “L.A.Noire “so that there are no spaces in the directory names.
Old: C:Program FilesRockstar GamesL.A. Noire
New: C:Program FilesRockstarGamesL.A.Noire
2. Disable internet. It helps to block “LANoire.exe “in the firewall, preventing it from accessing the internet.
3. Copy “Patch_2382_02392_1.exe “from” Crack “folder in disc 2 to the installation directory.
4. Run “Patch_2382_02392_1.exe “to update the game, provided the internet is disabled.
5. Copy “fmodex.dll ” and “Lanc.dll “from the” Crack “folder in disc 2 to the installation directory; choose to overwrite existing files if prompted.
6. IMPORTANT: Run “Social Club v1.0.5.0 Setup.exe “, a file that appears in your installation directory after you have run steps 4 and 5. If you do not perform this step, the game will fail to launch due to the absence of “socialclub.dll “.
7. Run LANoire.exe to play the game. Enjoy.

L.A Noire The Complete Edition v1.1.2406.1 update cracked THETA (8 Parts 1.58GB):

=> Fix to prevent mouse cursor from turning on when using-str command line to improve performance
=> Render state optimizations to improve performance
=> Single-threaded renderer option added to game launcher to improve graphics performance on certain setups

Clean Trainer for v1.0.2396 Fix (505 KB):
Clean Trainer for v1.1.2406.1 Fix (505 KB):
Password RAR: BismarckVanRiser

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