Senin, 29 Oktober 2012

Windows 7 Ultimate X86 Speed Max Edition

Windows 7 ini terbilang cepat karena sudah dijampi-jampi, yup Windows 7 Ultimate X86 Speed Max Edition memang di-setting untuk PC kelas Medium, meski ukuran download-nya terbilang ringan hanya 1.72 GB dan instalasi windows-nya terbilang cepat karena itu rekomendasi BVR untuk Memory RAM yang digunakan minimal 2 GB untuk memaksimalkan speed kinerja Windows 7. Bismarck VanRiser telah mencoba Windows 7 ini, silahkan yang ingin coba langsung download...

god mod/enable
last session instalation is included
tweaked for max speed

[Control Panel Add]
My Computer=Add
User Directory=Add
Windows switcher=Add
Internet Explorer=Add
Group Policy=Add
Recycle Bin=Add

Control panel view=Large icon

Show Desktop Icons=Enable
Menu Show Delay=6
Lowlevel Hooks TimeOut=2000
Wait to Kill Application TimeOut=2000
Show Hidden Wallpapers and Themes=Enable
Paint Desktop Version=Enable
Application TimeOut=2000

[Desktop Taskbar]
Show start menu Administrative tools=Enable
Lock the taskbar=Unlock
Taskbar buttons=Combine when task bar is full
Use small icons=Enable
Show run on start menu=Enable
Start menu power button action=Shut down
Display recently opened items in the start menu and taskbar=Disable

[Explorer Shortcuts]

[Explorer Context]
Copy To=Enable
Move To=Enable
Grant Admin Permission=Enable
Open With Notepad=Enable
Open In New Window=Enable
Register and Unregister dll=Enable
Add Device Manager=Enable
Add Group Policy=Enable
Add Services=Enable
God Mode=Enable
Registry Editor=Enable
Administrative Tools=Enable
Change Cursor=Enable
Change Date and Time=Enable
Change Regional Settings=Enable
Change Sounds=Enable
Change Screen Resolution=Enable
Change Wallpaper=Enable
Desktop Icon Settings=Enable
DPI Scaling=Enable
Folder Options=Enable
God Mode=Enable
NetWork Connections=Enable
Program and Features=Enable
Registry Editors=Enable
System Properties=Enable
Task Manager=Enable
Task Scheduler=Enable
User Accounts=Enable

[Explorer Views]
Show Hidden Files and Folders=Enable
Hide File Extensions=Disable
hide Drives with No Media=Disable
Show Super Hidden Operating System Files=Enable

Anti spyware=Disable
Windows Firewall=Default

PowerDown After Shutdown=Enable
Auto Restart in the event of BSOD=Disable
Set Mouse Pointer speed Maximum=Enable
Low disk space warning=Disable
System Prefetcher=Disable
Number of recent items to display in jump list=2
Beep Sound=Disable
Command Window Background Colour=White
Full Information During Shutting Down=Enable

[Visual Effects]
Thick Window frame=Enable

[Internet Explorer]

[Media Center]

[Services]=blackviper tweak

This windows 7 max speed is fully activated

burn to dvd with low speed
install window
uncheck when ask for automatically activate when im online.
no loader or activator needed

update evrything you want from microsoft

Link Download (2 Parts 1.72 GB):

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